Back in Action at the County Fair!

Bright Lights and Crashing Cars featuring Lucky 33 ala Larry Bird.

Is there any better way to say goodbye to summer?





Free Foto Fun is All Around you!

Whenever I feel sad and blue, I just grab my camera and go for a walk because no matter where I have lived – including a town you never heard of in Ohio – I always find a random artifact of American culture to photograph. A recent walk in Studio City turned up a hanger and a plastic cow! A brief jaunt through fancy downtown Pasadena led me to a giant art piece that I wish I could have in my living room!

Reminds me of the Cold War Kids - Hang Me Out To Dry!

He was found outside a liquor store.

I think he was guarding the Vendome Liquor store on Ventura!

I'd love know to who created this amazing giant!

I Don’t Hate Anything Especially Not Free Art Fun at De La Barracuda!

If you don’t know Tim Biskup’s name you need to go google it right now and check out his work! Its totally fun and comes in all shapes and sizes. Tonite was a rocking opening reception of his show called I HATE EVERYTHING BUT YOU. I actually attended tonite festivities soley based on the title and the flyer. Seriously, check it out. Tell me you are unmoved and I will tell you that you have no soul.

I feel guilty when I photograph art that really needs to be seen in person to be appreciated SO instead I took pictures of the soap in the bathroom from the 99 cents store and random cool people I saw throughout the night. Way to go De La Barracuda. Great space attracts great people and yummy alcohol sponsors! Go Colt 45! 🙂

The alluring title

The alluring title says it all, with a smiley face for a period.

Open Bar

Rad Bartender Chics! I think she is saying The Beach is That Way!

Texting Time

Nothing passes time in line for the WC like texting!

WC means water closet which is the classy way of saying restroom. I learned it in school.
99 Cents Store Soap

The People's Soap from the 99 Cents Store. Yes I am a nerd.

The fact that I had fun taking a photo of soap in the bathroom reinforces the theme of this site which is that I can truly find fun in almost anything! And that concludes my report: What I Did Tonight that was totally fun and free and art!

Last Minute Extra Special Free Foto Fun!

Given that my current day job consists of scouring the internet looking for possible advertisers relating to art and photography, I can’t be sure how or where I came across this link. BUT I sure am glad I did!

I was so excited that there would be a d-jay there and that I might have a chance to learn about some cool new artists I didn’t even notice that the exhibit included fotos by Richard Edson – a badass indie actor who I had the awesome pleasure of meeting at the Independent FIlm Festival of Boston back in 2004!

All I can say is when the day comes that I am rolling in dough and can afford to but a nice photograph I will be sure to become a collector of Richard’s work! I got some snapshots of the food and the dj, but they aren’t good enough to post! Here’s me with the real photographer.

Richard Edson Photographer, Karen M.C. Kane Entertainer

Me and the Photographer Richard Edson

Also, here is a foto of Richard’s friend Richard Kessler posing with one of my favorites!

Richard Kessler with Richard Edson's Photo

Richard K with Richard E's Photo

Even Grandpa’s Gotta Dance! More Free Film Fun!

August 16th I finally got to check out the Mary Pickford theater, see Carol Channing in person, and watch a super fun documentary about dancing your heart out and keeping your dreams alive! The best part was the surprise performance at the end and the chance to meet the stars! Here is a link to the film’s website!

I got pictures with a couple of the stars but Joe Dancer totally reminded of my friend Andrea’s dad so he’s the star of my post!

Grandpa Joe the Dancer!

Super Sweet Joe The Dancer! Someone's Grandpa!


I bet you can’t say Free Film Fest Final Film Fun 10 times fast! I just tried and all I can say is I am glad this isn’t a video entry because I know I look pretty goofy trying to wrap my big teeth around all those Fs!

Anyshoe, the final film I speak of was called After.Life. It starred Liam Nesson, Christina Ricci and Justin Long. Although the film was thought provoking and well made I would not particularly call the story itself fun, but I did have a blast waiting in line to see if I could get in to this free screening since I was on the standby line. Lucky for me I made a new friend whose also an aspiring director! I mean how much more fun can life get than showing up at a random event, almost not getting into the show and getting a new friend as a parting gift!

Usually being in the front row is a drag when seeing a film but when the stars of the film show up on stage at the end – the first row is the best place to be! Here’s a screen grab from my camera when someone with a good flash lit up the stage.

Nothing like free film fun and I know there will be many more entries in this category!

Free Film Fun - Meet the Cast!

Nothing like getting up close with the stars!

It’s like Barbie Dream Home Fun!

What better way to spend a Saturday than trying yummy beer and wine and waltzing around a luxury condo complex that you can daydream you might live in one day! Until I made up the title of the post, I completely forgot about Barbie Dream Home. And now that I remember Barbie dream home I think the reason I have never planned for or longed for my own home is that my mom threw away my Barbie Dream Home because I didn’t clean my room!

Alas, I am still totally messy but I have finally rekindled my dreams of luxurious living thanks to a super rad open house this past weekend in Marina Del Rey! Here is the link to the their site and below are the details that caught my eye most and captured the heart of my inner Barbie! 🙂Oh yeah, there's my bike!

I am bound to look good in one of these mirrors!